Jonathan Hogg

Artist and freelance scientist


Jonathan Hogg trained in software and electronics. For over 20 years he has designed and developed large-scale information systems in academia, the finance industry and software start-ups. In early 2009 he decided to focus on art and now creates interactive digital artworks, and multi-sensory installation and participatory art.

His work involves hacking varied media including high-level and embedded software, digital and analogue electronic circuitry, digital graphics, web pages, audio, wood, metal and even occasionally paint.

Jonathan works in schools as a creative practioner doing creative and technological projects, and has experience working with all age ranges from nursery to secondary, including working with children with special educational needs. He can still be tempted into doing commercial technology consulting if it looks like fun – particularly if it involves Python.

Output Arts

In November 2009, Andy D'Cruz, Hilary Sleiman and Jonathan Hogg formed artist collective Output Arts to create multisensory artworks for non-gallery venues. Since then, Output Arts has created a wide range of installation and participatory artworks including immersive sound and light piece 'VOX', homage to Alan Turing 'I have a message for you...', and touring meditation on loss 'Lost and Sound', which was featured in the London 2012 Thames Festival.


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Play with sand!
I feel ... (2012)
An interactive digital artwork commissioned by The Resilience Space